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It’s time to create and launch your own website so your handmade business can flourish

Expanding your online presence to include your own website allows you to

  • Build a stronger brand
  • Create a customized shopping experience
  • Own (and control) your platform
  • Build and Grow your email list
  • Connect with potential customers
  • & Increase profit margins by reducing Etsy fees

Building a website may seem like mission impossible, but with the right guidance it can be a smooth process.

You want to sell your products online

the problem is...

You're hustling your butt off to get people into your Etsy shop (but you’re sending traffic to a platform you don’t own or control)

You spend your time and money tweaking & renewing your Etsy listings trying to perfect SEO, but Etsy keeps changing the game

You feel anxious every time you peek your Etsy bill and wonder if you're even making any money

You’re not sure where to start or you keep putting it off

You’ve tried to build a website before but you’re tired of one-size-fits-all formulas and fed up with outdated tutorials

What you really want...

To send people to your own domain so that they remember your brand and enjoy an immersive shopping experience

Freedom, ownership, and control when it comes to your online shop so you can stop fighting search algorithms and competing with other shops

Predictable, fixed expenses that don’t increase based on sales, so you can take home more profit

A simple guide to get started and plan out your site

Step-by-step guidance and support while building your website

You're not alone!

That’s exactly why I put together this guide for you. These 9 must-have elements for your handmade business website will help you get started and prepared to build your own website.

Just DIY it
  • create

    Create a site that looks great and elevates your brand

  • launch

    Launch a thriving online shop that converts shoppers into customers

  • flourish

    Let your handmade business flourish

Create your own thriving online shop

Don’t let website confusion hold up your progress - Don't put it off any longer!

9 Must-Have Elements for your handmade website sheets
Erin V.

"I had been stuck for months, literally, like maybe even a year on publishing my website. You got me thinking on a clear path and helped me finally make decisions and I even pressed 'publish'. You have such a real and easy way about your teaching style."

Erin V.
Coreen H

“Rebecca communicated enough info in the course that I feel like I can finish and manage my website and I now know enough not to be taken advantage of if I have someone else manage it. That was extremely valuable to me.”

Coreen H.

Hey there!

My name is Rebecca and I help handmade business owners and Etsy sellers like you DIY their own website so they can reduce their Etsy bills and enjoy better profit margins.

I’ve been a professional web designer since I got my graphic design degree. I used to help all kinds of businesses - until a few years ago. I started making soap and joined a bunch of groups for handmade sellers. That was when I found my people.


I can’t wait to help you create your website too!

Rebecca Inkrote
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