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Create Launch & Flourish

Is Etsy limiting your profit potential + holding you back?

Take back control of your handmade business, reduce your fees, & keep more hard-earned profits in your pocket.

I'm on a mission to help you launch your own profitable website - even if you have no idea where to start!

Create your standalone website with step-by-step instruction.
Launch alongside other forward-thinking handmade business owners with the guidance + support of a professional web designer.

Life before launching your own website:

Most of your sales come thru Etsy and you’d be up a creek if your shop got shut down

You’re tired of playing Etsy’s games (Star Seller, Etsy Pro, pay to play, and dangling carrots to get you to discount your products or shipping.)

You feel like Etsy turned into a big box store instead of a truly handcrafted artisan market.

You’re frustrated by the lack of control over your shop and customer experience.

Life after launching your own website:

You can drag-and-drop design your site just how you want it and update it yourself without calling in an expensive developer

Adding categories and sub-categories is a breeze and your site is organized and easy for your shoppers to navigate

You leverage Etsy as a marketing tool and feel good knowing that you no longer rely on it 100%

You have more predictable, fixed expenses, so you actually scale up and take home more profit

Sound familiar?

You spend so much time tweaking your Etsy listings to perfect your shop, but Etsy keeps changing the game.

Etsy is your primary revenue source, and you'd be devastated if it disappeared.

You feel anxious every time you peek at your Etsy bill and wonder if you're even making enough profit to keep your dream alive.

You keep hearing stories about Etsy shops getting shut down and you are worried about the same happening to you.

You’re tired of getting lost in a sea of your competitors (who are undercharging BTW!) and you want your OWN space.

The truth is that as you grow you will reach a tipping point where it makes more sense to push your traffic to your own website. If you continue to rely on Etsy 100%, you are putting the success of your shop in the hands of Etsy. You lack control and ownership; and if Etsy goes down you have no way to sell.

Launching your standalone website is the most effective way to increase profitability and take back control as you scale up your handmade business

Learn + Follow my exact web design process I use with all my 1-on-1 clients

Diversify your sales channels to mitigate risk if one channel goes offline

Play by your OWN rules and craft a buyer experience that captivates your visitors

Build a beautiful + Profitable website for your business

Sell your products with no transaction fees and no listing fees

I have been a professional web designer for over 11 years. But before that, I went to art school - I graduated with a graphic design degree.

I have always loved art and craft. Over the years I fell in love with soapmaking and I joined several FB groups for soapmakers, crafters, and Etsy sellers.

I can't tell you how many posts I see in these groups over and over asking about how to get started with standalone websites.


What's worse: I also see a lot of unfortunate posts about Etsy sellers whose shops got shut down or experience funds being held in reserve. I have seen over the years how Etsy is making sellers jump through hoops to remain in their good graces - from free shipping guarantees to star seller.

What would you do?


I have a passion for teaching people how to build and manage their own websites. I knew I could help so many handmade sellers launch their own websites and so I have been teaching WordPress to makers since 2016!

Erin V.

"I had been stuck for months, literally, like maybe even a year on publishing my website. You got me thinking on a clear path and helped me finally make decisions and I even pressed 'publish'. You have such a real and easy way about your teaching style."

-Erin V.

Maybe you’ve already tried building a website before...

You put in weeks of work on a Wix site, only to realize you hate the shipping on it and you’re having issues getting it to do what you need it to do.

You started playing around with Shopify’s free trial but it’s not intuitive for you at all. You don’t want to give up and keep thinking you’ll try again. You even extended your trial, but you can’t get it to work.

You’ve gotten stuck trying to figure out how to configure it all on your own, with no help.

You're ready to throw your laptop across the room! This was supposed to be "easy!"

You wish someone would just guide you through each step, in order, and answer your questions along the way so that you can finally create and launch your own standalone website.

Imagine what it will be like to launch the website of your dreams.

  • Send customers to your own custom web address, where visitors aren’t 2 clicks away from your competitor’s product (which is undercutting yours by $5).
  • Your customers can experience a fully-branded shopping experience.
  • You can spend your weekends at home with your family instead of hauling tables and tents from event to event.
  • Enjoy higher profit margins because there are ZERO transaction fees.
  • Add and sell as many products as you want since there are NO listing or renewal fees.
  • Enjoy the security knowing that you own your own platform and the satisfaction of making your own rules.

People will ask who you hired to design your amazing site and you'll say. "Actually, I did it myself."

I know, creating a website feels like a daunting chore. It can feel overwhelming when you aren't sure what to do or even what exactly to search.

If you don’t have a plan to follow, it can be easy to make some critical mistakes such as installing a poorly coded theme that makes customizing your site frustrating. Or worse, choose the wrong platform, get stuck, and never actually launch your site.

Without guidance and support, it can be difficult to make any progress at all!

That’s why I’ve created this course for you!

Create Launch & Flourish
Create Launch and Flourish - Website Design Course for Etsy Sellers

Create. Launch. & Flourish is an online course where I'll show you step-by-step exactly how to DIY your own website. 

This is the ideal DIY Website roadmap for handmade business owners who want to create a functional, perfectly branded standalone e-commerce website with limitless customization.

Let's do this

Buiding your own website no longer requires coding or advanced tech skills!

You just need the right tools, systems, & strategy
Save time, shorten the learning curve

Don't waste your precious time with 96 google searches, trial and error tinkering, or 17 YouTube videos.

Follow a proven roadmap

Follow my exact web design process that I've tweaked and adjusted over the years.

Get support & Accountability

No need to do it alone. Sometimes you just need extra eyes to help point out your blind spots.

- What's Included -

Instant Access to ALL the Lessons

Exclusive Community

Checklists & Cheatsheets

Master Q&A Knowledgebase

Enrollment for the self-paced course is Open!

They did it and so can you!

"You can't go wrong with this course"

If you're new to web design and word press, I highly recommend this course. Bex goes over all the details you'll need to design your own website. The course teaches you how to set up your pages & navigation, how to design your pages, how to save & publish your pages, how to create your contact page, and how to use plugins to improve your website, and how to add your branding to your site. Bex also reviews which plugins are recommended for security and backup, and so much more. Nothing is left out. If you find that you have further questions or need more direction & help, Bex is always there to answer your questions. You can't go wrong with this course, it's money well spent if you wish to design your own personal site...

-Heidi T.

Coreen H

"Rebecca communicated enough info in the course that I feel like I can finish and manage my website and I now know enough not to be taken advantage of if I have someone else manage it. That was extremely valuable to me."

-Coreen H.

"fun and enlightening"

"Before enrolling I had NO experience with setting up a website, but I knew I had the ability to build a site with clear instructions. I wanted to make my hobby more like a business. Going through each step with Rebecca's instruction was fun and enlightening. The course stretched my learning curve into other areas like copywriting and selling practices."

-Anne B.

Extra BONUSES: design your website faster and easier

Design Ideas & Inspiration

You can create a beautiful website - even if you're not a designer! See tons of professional website designs and page layouts to inspire your site design.

Get Traffic to your Website

This training will teach you where you can put links to drive traffic from Etsy to your website and also how to link your Etsy shop on your website.

Time-Saving Style Templates

Create your website style guide faster using these Canva templates to give you a head start. Simply drop in your logo and customize the fonts, colors, and buttons.


I've helped many small business owners launch their own website & now it's your turn.

To hire me to design and build your website for you starts around $2500. Some other professional web designers or agencies charge $5k or more.

Investing in Create. Launch. & Flourish is an affordable way to learn my exact process, discover the tools I use in my business, and get your own beautiful website for much less. And you still get support and feedback from me!

"I was able to set up my website with confidence"

“I struggled with creating an e-commerce site for the first time. But with your guidance I was able to set up my website with confidence, and successfully launch my website knowing that I had the right components in place. I was very pleased with the end result. I thought Create. Launch. & Flourish was fantastic. Very informative, easy to understand and yet you kept the technical language ever present, something that I certainly value. Your love of teaching certainly shows and I, for one, really appreciate it.”

-Karin H.

Life before launching your own website:

Most of your sales come thru Etsy and you’d be up a creek if your shop got shut down

You’re tired of playing Etsy’s games (Star Seller, Etsy Pro, pay to play, and dangling carrots to get you to discount your products or shipping.)

You feel like Etsy turned into a big box store instead of a truly handcrafted artisan market.

You’re frustrated by the lack of control over your shop and customer experience.

Life after launching your own website:

You can drag-and-drop design your site just how you want it and update it yourself without calling in an expensive developer

Adding categories and sub-categories is a breeze and your site is organized and easy for your shoppers to navigate

You leverage Etsy as a marketing tool and feel good knowing that you no longer rely on it 100%

You have more predictable, fixed expenses, so you actually scale up and take home more profit

Just DIY it


Create a site that looks great and elevates your brand


Launch a thriving online shop that converts shoppers into customers


Allow your handmade business to flourish

Course Curriculum

[NOTE] This curriculum is occasionally updated to keep up with the ever-changing web landscape. You'll walk away with a badass new website and you'll feel empowered and confident to manage it long term.


Kick off your project with choosing the perfect color palette, typefaces, and design elements to complement your branding and result in a gorgeous functional website.


Sketch your page wireframes, secure your domain, and learn all about websites and WordPress


Collect / Create content for your site, Create stunning graphics, and edit your product photos. Visuals are everything!

Set up

Time to finally dig in and set up the tech. We'll walk through hosting sign up, website setup, configuring the basic settings and putting up your "Coming Soon" page.


Theme Design / Customization. I'll show you my favorite themes so you don't have to filter through thousands of themes to find a good one. Install and customize it to perfectly match your brand and vision we created in Week 1.


Let's build out the pages with my favorite drag-and-drop page builder. We'll also tackle creating a contact page form, embedding your Instagram feed, embedding videos, and integrating an email marketing list opt-in form.


LAUNCH your awesome version 1.0 website! Press publish and go live and I'll be right there for you if you need support as you navigate your new site! Cheers! 🍾🥂

E-Commerce: Set up

Set up your shop! Install ecommerce plugin, configure your basic shop settings

E-Commerce: Categories

Set up Categories, Sub-Categories, & Tags. Start adding product listings. Learn about in-person Point-of-Sale options and multi-channel inventory management solutions.

E-Commerce: Checkout, Sales Tax, & Shipping

Set up sales tax collection, Payment gateway, shipping methods, and 3rd party shipping integrations, etc.

E-Commerce: Customize emails

Finish all your listings. Customize the emails that go out to customers like "order received," "order shipped," etc.

E-Commerce: Wrap up

Test your cart and checkout, emails, and walk through the order management and fulfillment process.

I'm giving you my step-by step web design process, distilled to the essentials, and broken down into bite-sized lessons so you can implement right away and design your website LIKE A PRO.

Support & Community

& Guides

Not sure what to include on your home page or about me page? No worries! I'll provide plenty of examples, inspiration, and guide you with what pages I recommend and what to include on each page. I'll basically let you "copy my paper"

Private Student Community

You’ll be cheered-on and supported by a peer community inside a private student-only Facebook group. Utilize this group to request feedback, ask questions, and share your progress between lessons/calls.

& Motivation

You are 65% more likely to reach goals when you share them with someone else. Even better, you're 95% more likely to reach them when you share them with a group.

"I know it will serve me well for years to come!"

“My experience with Create. Launch. & Flourish has been so liberating! I felt like I was stuck in my business and couldn't market myself the way I needed in order to be able to grow. It took me a good deal of time to get started but once I did the course was intuitive, informative, and a wonderful investment. I've been able to build a site that I'm proud to refer people to. The course not only gave me the ability to build my website, but also gives tools and resources to make it beautiful! Not only have I been able to build my own websites, I'm now also able to help the nonprofit I work with with their website as well! I have learned so much and I know it will serve me well for years to come!”


Let's work together!

The next step is up to you....

You can keep trying to figure all the website stuff out on your own and hodge-podge together a site that *might* pay off in a few years.

- or -

You can simply allow me to guide you with my step-by-step system, create your own ecommerce site that works, and let your handmade business flourish!

The Best Part?


You can join and complete the program from the comfort of your couch, kitchen table, or even your RV - as long as you have an Internet connection!

The entire program is completely online. All of the calls, videos, PDF downloads, and group community are available online and replays will be made available 24/7 through our private course portal.

Finally get the accountability and support you need to tackle your website project.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular and fastest growing website builder on the web (source and source) because it is so flexible. You have unlimited possibilities and no limitations to what you can build.

You can start small and simple, with an affordable site and then add on features and premium plugins as you grow. You don't need to spend $30 per month right off the bat. I'll show you how to get started for as little as $180 - $280 for the whole YEAR. That boils down to less than $24 per month.

And rest assured, you do not need to know code to use WordPress and make an awesome site! I'll show you how to use my favorite drag-and-drop builder so you'll be able to easily create a completely customized site.

There has never been a better time to create and launch your own site.

How long have you been dreaming of your own website?
How long have you been putting it off instead?

  • Set yourself up for better profits now before you scale up
  • Free yourself from Etsy's Transaction Fees + Listing & Renewal Fees
  • It's never been easier to DIY your own website

If you wait, you’ll be in the same place you are now. In September as the Holidays approach again, you’ll wish you had started today! Don’t wait until your next craft show flop or Etsy emergency!


This course is a great opportunity if:

You’re a handmade or small business owner & want a standalone website with online shop or even just a basic website.

You want to grow your business so it could become (or already is) your full-time income.

You want a website that grows with you. You can start small and add on new functionality and features without feeling limited by the platform.

You want to learn WordPress. You know there’s a little learning curve but having the ability to grow and customize later is worth it.

Your time is precious - you don’t want to waste it researching and building a website by trial and error. You want me to show you exactly how to build your site, start to finish.

A $3,000-$5,000 website just isn’t in the budget. You’re making sales and you want to invest in your biz, but you’re not quite ready for a custom-developed site yet.

You’ve already done most of the groundwork like: ideal client, branding, creating a great product line that sells, and have good photography.

This course isn't the right investment for you if:

You want to be a blogger and to build a blog only, with income from ads.

You want to build a drop-shipping ecommerce empire and develop a site with thousands of products imported from independent vendors.

Your handmade endeavour is just a hobby and you’re not interested about growth or profit.

Cost is the #1 factor in every decision. You just want a free or very cheap website. Features, Scalability, and Quality aren’t very important.

You need 24/7 phone support. If you really struggle with computer stuff and need to get 1-on-1 support often, you should consider building on Shopify.

You have ZERO time to dedicate to building your site. If you don’t want to prioritize time to design & build your site, you should probably hire a professional web designer (*ahem* like me 😉).

You don’t have a logo, branding, or ideal customer. Your product line isn't streamlined for scaling or you're unsure if your products will sell.

This sounds great but....

"I’m just getting started and feeling overwhelmed!"

Don’t worry. I will walk you through the entire process one step at a time. You can get started even if you don’t have a domain. And if you’re not ready to tackle the shop & cart aspect, I can show you a simple trick so you can still direct traffic to your own website.

"I've tried before and I got stuck. I just can't stay motivated."

I hear you. So many "DIY Website Builders" make it look so easy in the ads. You buy in and invest and realize that it's not as simple as you thought it would be. I'll show you how to front-load a lot before you ever invest in hosting. Let me cheer you on all the way to launch day!

"I don’t have a lot of time"

That’s OK. Without the pressure of expiring trials and recurring monthly expenses, you can take your time if need be. You'll tackle the project a little at a time at your own pace. You can get in, get what you need, and implement immediately during your pockets of time.

You can launch your own site, I promise

I know that investing in your business is a huge decision

I'm also fully confident that the value this program will bring to your business far outweighs the investment. However, I get that it may still feel worrisome to spend your hard-earned cash before you see inside the program and start working. That's why I offer a 30-day refund policy. Join Create. Launch. & Flourish today and if by Day 30 you don't feel you've received value from the program, just contact me at hello at bexmarie.com. Show me that you did the work - what you've completed and I'll refund your money back, no further questions asked. Nothing works unless you use it and I'm confident that if you follow the lessons and do the work, this program will work for you. If you're not planning to follow the steps laid out for you, then save us both the headache and look for a different course or program. This program is for committed shop owners ready to level up and create a website so that scaling up results in better profits and full ownership and control of the business.

It’s time to create and launch your own website so your handmade business can flourish

Building a website may seem like mission impossible, but with the right guidance it can be a smooth & fun process!

Wanna Join us next time we run a group cohort?

Meet Your Instructor

My name is Rebecca and I help handmade business owners and Etsy sellers like you DIY their own website so they can reduce their Etsy bills and enjoy better profit margins.

I’ve been a professional web designer since I got my graphic design degree. I used to help all kinds of businesses - until a few years ago. I started making soap and joined a bunch of groups for handmade sellers. That was when I found my people.


I can’t wait to help you create your website too!

Rebecca Inkrote

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